Titel: Shadow

       Medium: HD Video

       Tid: 2 min

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Shadow, 2011

Video still 13:00 minutes loop

Installation view

Video still, mirror, wall drawing, black chalkboard paint, white chalk

Group exhibition Chroma I, Volt, Bergen, 2011 (N)


A shadow follows you

It stays with you

A memory acts on you

It connects you

I see a shadow as colour of memory

Video can act as a channel of information, it can be communicative.                         

The video is based around a conversation between an old woman and her deceased sisters grandchild. It can be a fact that those memories who are hard to talk about rises up to the surface when the sun is at its highest point, it will fade our colour and our shadow will disappear. But it is know that after a while the strong sunrays will eclipse behind a cloud and the colours fade again. And then a new shadow will appear. But the memory has to be shared before the sun rises in the west.

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