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The walk in cinema is screening Scary Movie.

The film was made in an old fisherman cottage in east cost of Norway, a young teenager is the leading actress. She gets to solve the task “How does she think an actress plays in a scary movie?” with no time to prepare herself before acting. The camera is on a tripod, and she has no idea that I (the filmmaker) dress up in an orange raincoat sneaks around on her film set. The movie is a result of an investigation in how teenagers learn to act and think they should behave in a certain way. The film is also inspired by the influence American Culture has on Iceland in general.

As a part of the project Miðbaugur og Kringla the Walk in Cinema was made as collaboration with Anna Lind Sævarsdottir (IS) at GALLERÍ DVERGUR, Reykjavik Island. We showed two films in the cinema and decorated the entire gallery space and entrance with an expensive grass carpet. In the entrance outside I made four lollipop trees made out of sailcloth and pipes, they twirled in the wind and made a wonderland feeling to the space.

Miðbaugur og Kringla is a collaboration project between 11 Nordic visual artists who are working with Iceland´s two most important and most used public spaces, the capital city centre and the oldest mall in the country, Kringlan. The works in the exhibition are in dialogue with its context and work with the social, political, and architectonic factors in the spaces.

The group of artists has been working together for two years and last year took part in the show Hard Revolution at the Potsdamer Platz train station in Berlin.

Link to GALLERÍ DVERGUR:  http://galleridvergurdwarfgallery.wordpress.com

Link to the exhibition catalogue:

Link to the exhibition catalogue:
Link to the exhibition catalogue: http://www.behance.net/nicolenicolaus/frame/3275067

Link to newspaper article: http://www.grapevine.is/Art/ReadArticle/Bringing-Art-to-the-Public

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